We are Happy to announce our new Team in the Esport Game Rainbow Six Siege.

Welcome to LURIX:

Stephan "KeFeng" Jürgensen

Fynn "Arrow" Mitwollen

Maximilian "max" Schirm

Bruno "Sushiii" Tieber

Anrie "Altzatres" Geeb

Dominik "Kyrox" Obermeier

Statement "KeFeng", IGL of LURIX R6

Well, first let me emphasize how important this step is for the whole team.
Regardless of the leagues you are playing in or how filled your trophy cabinet already is, becoming an important part of such an established organisation as Lurix Sports is a big deal for everyone involved.
The team itself will directly benefit from the support Lurix and it's staff provide, and the Org receives another cornerstone beside their already successfull CS:GO and FIFA projects they can build upon and plan with for the long term future.
Our team now has the security and stability we need in order to reliably improve the team efficiency and performance of every single member involved, from the players to our coach.
We are working hard every week with the hope to pay back the effort the Lurix staff already provided.
Perhaps, we even convince the already impressive fanbase of Lurix to join us and take a look at our playground. Rainbow Six is just as thrilling and exciting as it can be sometimes confusing.
These are the first big steps this roster now made, but we all know how much we have to do from now on. Being at the start of a project as this is often a pretty overwhelming situation.
Not everything is smooth, setbacks and hickups are surely in our way. But i can promise you that my players, our coach and i are doing everything in our power to raise this project as high as possible.
We sure as hell #ThriveForTheBest

Statement "BlackBear", Manager of LURIX R6

I am looking forward to the team and the future cooperation with LURIX. The first impressions of the team have inspired me and I am confident to achieve something great together with LURIX and the Team. #ThriveForTheBest